Inspired by Derek Siver’s Now Project, this page simply describes what I’m working on now. If it’s listed here, I’m currently working on it.

  1. Working as a software engineering intern at Amazon
  2. Studying at the University of Georgia (graduation in May 2018)
  3. Preparing my return to serious competitive chess after nearly eight years!
  4. Taking a series of online courses in machine learning. Once I finish these, I plan on studying other areas within AI. I’m doing this because I think machine learning is a mandatory prerequisite toward building something that can have a big impact (and it’s really fun and really cool).
  5. Working toward the “1000 pound club,” a goal that requires the sum of my 1-rep squat, deadlift, and bench press maxes to be greater than or equal to 1000 pounds. My peak is ~900 pounds (230 Bench Press, 310 squat, 360 deadlift), but I’m probably closer to 750 lbs now.
  6. Working toward a Wilks Coefficient of 300. The Wilks Coefficient is a measure of strength (as determined by squat, deadlift, and bench press 1RMs) that accounts for sex and body weight to make it possible to compare, say, a 125 lb woman with a 185 lb man. I’ll probably hit this goal around the time I join the 1000 pound club. My peak Wilks score is ~265, but it’s probably closer to 200 now.
  7. Serializing my book, Remain Free, at so anybody can read it for free.

Also, I currently float between Atlanta and Boston.


Software projects

  • A bot that autosummarizes popular NYT articles and emails me a digest every few days
  • Bus texting bot–you text it “[start location] to [end location]” and it texts back the bus that gets you there soonest, an ETA, and other buses that will also get you there.
  • A personal contact manager that helps me keep in touch with people better
  • ChessDB, the data-driven chess database I wish I had when I was a very active competitive chess player
  • A series of front end development courses
  • A series of Android development courses–I haven’t touched Android in several years, and it shows in the apps I still have in Google Play
  • Completing every problem and implementing every algorithm in Algorithms 4th Edition by Sedgewick and Wayne (and posting it on Github, of course).
  • Completing every problem and implementing every algorithm in The Algorithm Design Manual by Skienna
  • Movie and book recommendations based on your friends and your preferences, perhaps cross-referenced with Netflix/Amazon catalog
  • And many, many more…


Maybe some day

  • Finishing this list (I’ve got a text file called “Stuff I want to do” on my computer, so I’ll need to dig that up).


Last updated September 2017