Inspired by Derek Siver’s Now Project, this page simply describes what I’m working on now. If it’s listed here, I’m currently working on it.

  1. Software projects–one or two neat freelance projects for clients, and once those wrap up I plan on working on my own side projects in my spare time (see below).
  2. Taking a series of online courses in machine learning. Once I finish these, I plan on studying other areas within AI. I’m doing this because I think machine learning is a mandatory prerequisite toward building something that can have a big impact (and it’s really fun and really cool).
  3. Working toward the “1000 pound club,” a goal that requires the sum of my 1-rep squat, deadlift, and bench press maxes to be greater than or equal to 1000 pounds. My peak is ~900 pounds (230 bench Press, 310 squat, 360 deadlift), but I’m probably closer to 750 lbs now.
  4. Working toward a Wilks Coefficient of 300. The Wilks Coefficient is a measure of strength (as determined by squat, deadlift, and bench press 1RMs) that accounts for sex and body weight to make it possible to compare, say, a 125 lb woman with a 185 lb man. I’ll probably hit this goal around the time I join the 1000 pound club. My peak Wilks score is ~265, but it’s probably closer to 200 now.
  5. Winding down promotional work on my book, Remain Free, to focus on the above.
  6. Serializing Remain Free at so anybody can read it for free.
  7. Adding SSL (https) to all the websites I run.

Also, I currently float between Atlanta and Boston.


Software projects

  • A bot that autosummarizes popular NYT articles and emails me a digest every few days
  • Bus texting bot–you text it “[start location] to [end location]” and it texts back the bus that gets you there soonest, an ETA, and other buses that will also get you there.
  • A personal contact manager that helps me keep in touch with people better
  • ChessDB, the data-driven chess database I wish I had when I was a very active competitive chess player
  • A series of front end development courses
  • A series of Android development courses–I haven’t touched Android in several years, and it shows in the apps I still have in Google Play
  • Completing every problem and implementing every algorithm in Algorithms 4th Edition by Sedgewick and Wayne (and posting it on Github, of course).
  • Completing every problem in Cracking the Coding Interview and Elements of Programming Interviews, and posting it on GitHub, with in-depth explanations (without copying the solutions from the books, obviously)
  • Completing every problem on Leetcode, with in-depth explanations, and posting it on GitHub
  • Completing every problem and implementing every algorithm in The Algorithm Design Manual by Skienna
  • Movie and book recommendations based on your friends and your preferences, perhaps cross-referenced with Netflix/Amazon catalog
  • And many, many more…


Maybe some day

  • Finishing this list (I’ve got a text file called “Stuff I want to do” on my computer, so I’ll need to dig that up).


Last updated January 2017