Future Writing

Every time I think of something to write about, I add a note to my Evernote notebook that contains a brief outline. As of January 19, 2017, here are those notes, in no particular order:

  • Minimalism in Product Design
  • SSN as identifier rather than authenticator
  • In search of a phone that doesn’t suck
  • Laymen’s guide to American healthcare [this is gonna be a tough one]
  • Metro areas that have declined in population
  • The strange deurbanization of Maine
  • The Swiss Gambit: chess urban legend or viable tournament tactic?
  • Misleading arguments about the electoral college
  • Chess gifts
  • Chess daily study plan
  • Small things with disproportionate impact
  • Micropayments for browsers
  • How to prepare for tech interviews, fast
  • Self driving cars
  • Health cheat sheet
  • Naveen’s Story
  • The rise and fall of Circa
  • A beginner’s guide to being secure on the internet
  • AI/ML and the justice system
  • On dropping out
  • Getting paid for work/internships
  • How to design a good parking lot [this one will be really fun to research]
  • How to change your life in 30 days
  • death to the death penalty
  • How to make things easier for your family when you die unexpectedly
  • A better way to rate TV episodes
  • How I got a perfect score on the SAT (without really trying)

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