Five years ago

Five years ago today, my friend Troy Davis was wrongfully executed. One year ago today, I published Remain Free to share his story.

In that one year:

  • Remain Free beat out a New York Times bestseller written by a US president for the Georgia Author of the Year Award
  • Remain Free has been featured in NRI Pulse, India New England News, Khabar Magazine, and the Sunday edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Khabar Magazine, and India New England News
  • I’ve spoken at MIT, Cornell, UGA, Georgia State, Kennesaw State, high schools, Amnesty International groups, and CreativeMornings Boston (with a few more to come!)
  • I’ve met and talked to incredible people from all walks of life who share a passion for reforming our justice system, ranging from the parents of other teenagers who’ve befriended death row inmates to rappers, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, and everything in-between.


To mark the one year anniversary of the publication of the physical copy of Remain Free, the one many of you made possible, I just published the Kindle version so people all over the world can read it. As with the physical version, all profits will be donated to the Innocence Project.  And of course, the book can be read in serialized from for free on

In the end, this was to serve the mission of sharing Troy’s story with as many people as possible. A huge thanks to all of you who’ve supported this journey that began around this time eight years ago.

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2 thoughts to “Five years ago”

  1. Hi Gautam: I have completed my autobiography and am looking for an editor and publisher. I read about you in the booklet from the KSU Georgia Writers Association 52nd Annual Award which I attended 06/04/2016. Congratulations on your Memoir/Autobiography Award!
    Please recommend a good editor and publisher. Thank you for all you have done and all you are doing.
    I participated in the 1968 Civil Rights Movement (Poor People’s Campaign).
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Carrie, congratulations on completing your autobiography! I highly recommend Garrett Marco: He was my editor and was extremely thorough, responsive to emails, and a really nice guy as well. He did a spectacular job with Remain Free, and I highly recommend him!

      My book was self-published, so unfortunately I can’t recommend a publisher. Good luck!

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